About Us

What is Lypsso?

Lypsso is a beauty information platform that helps users make informed decisions for their beauty needs.

We understand how difficult it can be to find suitable and relevant information, especially all in one place. Lypsso was created from an idea that there should be a platform where like-minded users/companies and professionals are connected together.

How does it  work?

Our platform primarily enables users (men and women) to search for their beauty concerns and discover remedies, creams and non-invasive salon treatments, which can solve these every day problems that affect us throughout our lives. We do not only focus on mainstream products, but natural and organic too – Lypsso believes there is a growing demand for natural products and we want users to have the choice to choose.

We are passionate about beauty and want to share our knowledge and expertise, to create a ‘go to’ beauty network where the user will find solutions to their beauty concern.

Use Lypsso as a way to explore/network and discover your beauty concerns to make informed decisions for your beauty needs all in one place.

Please note: We are still in the process of uploading information, this shouldn’t effect your experience as a user, but you should certainly expect to see more results in the coming months – so be sure to stay tuned!

What our users say:

“It is sometimes a struggle to find products that suit my skin and, that aren’t chock full of chemicals. Nice to find an ethical website with good ideas!”

“There are so many more natural products available in other countries than in the UK, or so it seems, but just having the opportunity to chat with other beauty fanatics is a complete bonus.”

Lypsso for beauty companies and professsionals

If you are a business or professional that have beauty products or salon treatment services (mobile salons included), and would like to be part of the solutions, please click here to find out more information or email us.


We are always looking for fresh ideas – if you are blogger and would like to contribute to Lypsso, we would love to hear from you – please click here.