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Do you have cellulite, dry hair, acne, puffy eyes or any other beauty concern or need?

Lypsso is going to give you natural & organic beauty solutions through DIY recipes to your beauty needs, and the good news, is that you will be able to Do It Yourself at home.

We have teamed up with Lorraine Dallmeier, a Biologist and Organic Cosmetic Formulator.

She is the Director of Formula Botanica, the online Organic Cosmetic Science School, which has taught many hundreds of students in over 50 countries around the world how to formulate organic skincare and start their own beauty business.

She runs Herb & Hedgerow, her popular botanical skincare science blog, cosmetic business consultancy and coaching business. She works with skincare businesses all around the world on their cosmetic business projects, providing expert advice and formulating high performance organic skincare designs. Lorraine also works with skincare business owners as part of her “Potion for Success” coaching programme where she helps them achieve their business goals and bring clarity to their business.

Lorraine is also the DIY Beauty Diva, where she writes DIY beauty recipes that are fun and easy to make at home. Here she sells BeautyCraft app for iPhone which teaches you how to make 101 fun homemade beauty recipes. BeautyCraft app has been sold in over 60 countries around the world.

Lorraine and her businesses have been featured widely in the media – you might have seen her in Vogue, the Sun, Woman Magazine, or Peppermint Magazine, to name but a few.

Do you have beauty needs to which you would like us to give you DIY beauty solutions?

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