6 Skincare tips for autumn: face, body, eyes and hands

6 Skincare tips for autumn: face, body, eyes and hands

Autumn is probably everyone’s favourite season. It’s not too warm like summer or too cold like winter. It is also the time when season of vacations and beaches is over which means the entire skincare routine has to be reassessed. Different season requires different routine as well as skincare products.

In order to make sure your skin is beautiful and healthy throughout colder autumn days, below are the essential skincare tips you should definitely introduce to your beauty regime. 

Rich night cream is a must

A quality night cream is one of the most important skincare products regardless of the season, but especially during colder months. When you are out and about during the day your skin is faced with colder temperatures, winds, etc. Various environmental influences make skin dry, flaky, and red. Wearing heavy cream during the day isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do and it’s always better to invest in a rich night cream, apply it before bed after cleaning your face, and let the skin absorb all its nutrients while you are sleeping. In turn, you will wake up with hydrated and soft skin.

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When choosing skincare products always make sure they contain natural ingredients, various vitamins, and nutrients. Moreover, it is also important that night creams contain ingredients that provide soothing effect e.g. aloe vera, or jojoba oil for hydration etc. Therefore, before autumn and colder temperatures arrive, find a rich and nourishing night cream you will use before bedtime.

Heavier moisturiser for nourished skin

Just like your face, colder temperatures can affect the rest of your body too. The key to keeping your body nourished and hydrated throughout the autumn is to invest in a heavier moisturiser. Autumn and summer have different effects on our skin, which means we need different skincare products as well.

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Summer usually requires lighter moisturisers, but autumn and colder temperatures can dry out our skin, which means ideal protection is in purchasing a heavier moisturiser. Moreover, you have to apply it properly. It is recommended to apply moisturiser immediately after patting dry your skin after taking a shower. It locks in the moisture that has been absorbed by your skin and keeps it well hydrated.

NOTE: It is important not to use the same skincare products for face and body. Body moisturisers shouldn’t be applied to face and vice versa.

With the right moisturiser, your skin won’t be flaky and dry, but smooth and nourished.

Say “Goodbye” to the puffy look

If you are sensitive to temperature changes then you might notice your hands or feet and ankles are swollen. Sometimes you may even notice your face is puffy as well. There are several ways on how to reduce swelling that comes with colder weather. For example:

– Soak feet or hands in tonic water. This is one of the strangest ways how to reduce swelling but it’s effective at the same time;

– Soak in feet and ankles in water and add salt;

– Massage both feet and hands;

– Make a cucumber-lemon water and drink it up;

– Make a watermelon juice to get rid of the puffiness;

– Apply cold compresses to reduce facial swelling;

– Put one slice of cucumber on each eye;

– Moist chamomile teabags will have the same effect as cucumber.

Reassess your cleanser

Cleansers and toners with fruity notes are ideal for summer, but they aren’t good for your skin during autumn. As colder air-dries out your skin, applying harsh products can dry it out even more and cause flakiness and roughness. During autumn, buy gentle products that clean and hydrate your skin. For example, soap-free cleansers etc. Moreover, avoid products that contain alcohol in order to avoid more severe damage.

Instead of gels, use soapy body washes. And instead of a regular facial cleanser you used during summer, choose a milder version, the one that provides a soothing effect. There is a variety of skincare products to choose from and you just have to pay attention to the label and ingredients; compare them to products you already use and you’ll know whether the formula is harsh or gentle. During colder days, your skin has to be nourished while using harsh cleanser will result in the opposite effect.

An oil-based scrub is your new best friend

Oil-based scrubs are perfect for autumn. They provide both exfoliating and hydrating benefits at the same time. When it comes to oil-based scrubs the choice is endless and you just have to choose one that fits within your budget and other preferences e.g. whether they contain essential oils, what other ingredients are, etc…

Invest in quality hand cream

Your hands are, along with your face, the most exposed part of your body. Therefore, they need adequate protection. Ideally, you should always have a quality hand cream in your bag. When purchasing a hand cream make sure it is non-greasy and able to be absorbed quickly (you don’t want to have greasy hands). While applying hand cream don’t neglect your cuticles either.

Apply your hand cream frequently throughout the day in order to keep them smooth as cold and harsh weather can make them chapped and rough.


Autumn requires skincare products with a softer formula; richer moisturizers and hand creams in order to nourish our skin and keep it hydrated. Don’t forget to hydrate and moisturise your skin every day and make sure you always have hand cream with you.


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