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Beauty Question from Lypsso User from London, UK to Rebecca Goodyear


I have been having very bad breakouts almost daily on my face for the past couple of months. I have not changed my face care routine. I do not suffer from oily skin. I have dry skin that is now becoming spotty. What can you recommend that I use to help?

Previous to this I always had clear skin and hardly ever had breakouts.

Rebecca Goodyear answers:

Sometimes in life, our skin can go through changes without seemingly an explanation. It may be a food trigger that goes unnoticed, times of stress, a change of environment or a change in our chemical makeup – our hormones. Whilst it is important to try and ascertain the cause, nobody wants to be spotty so the best course of action is to try and clear up the spots and prevent further spots from appearing.

Obviously with spots, cleansing is the most important step of a skincare routine. For dry skin suffering from breakouts I cannot recommend highly enough an oil cleanser. Oil balances oil with in the skin. Apply to dry skin and spend at least one minute gently massaging into your face, gently focusing on troublesome areas (make sure your hands are clean!) Don’t be tempted to use hot water, opt for lukewarm instead. Opt for a gentle method to remove the product, either a Konjac sponge or an organic muslin cloth.

I would use manuka honey on the affected areas to help rid them of bacteria and prevent it from spreading. Tea tree may also be very beneficial for the same reasons. When it comes to ingredients lists on these products, less is more. The fewer ingredients the less likelihood of a flareup or further breakouts. Even though skin is dry you do not want a heavy product sitting on the skin, look for lighter, gel-based moisturisers or perhaps a serum. Finally, always look for natural products rich in botanical extracts and antioxidants to help repair and calm the skin.

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