DIY Anti-Cellulite Treatments Part 2 – Body Brushing

As we saw in Part 1 of this DIY Anti-Cellulite series, cellulite is a common skin problem in most women and is caused by fat cells poking through weak connective tissue in the skin.

Plenty of studies have been done to look at the treatment of cellulite using a variety of invasive and non-invasive methods, but one of the most effective treatments was found to involve deep massage. A study that looked at a particular technique of anti-cellulite massage found that new connective tissue was being created, strengthening the skin.

However, I want to make clear right now that this study was undertaken on pigs, not on humans, so you can never be sure that the same results will happen in human skin (and we obviously don’t condone any testing on animals!). A study that was undertaken on humans found that massage was more likely to be effective than using a cream and another study found that massage using an electro-mechanical handheld device improved the overall appearance of cellulite.

It looks like massage should be your first stop when trying a DIY anti-cellulite technique, particularly as it’s something simple which you can easily incorporate into your daily beauty routine. So in Part 2 of this DIY Anti-Cellulite series we are going to look at body brushing.

Body brushing involves brushing over the skin in sweeping motions using a firm bristled handheld brush with a long handle. It is said to help eliminate toxins from the system. You should spend a couple of minutes every day body brushing in order to improve circulation and help stimulate your lymphatic system.

The main rule to remember is to always brush towards the heart. Start with your feet and use long rhythmic strokes to brush the sole of one foot. Move upwards, brushing up towards the ankle and onto your lower leg, knee and up onto your thigh. Make sure you cover all parts of your leg and as you move upwards, concentrate on the areas that need most attention.

Brush over your bottom all the way up to your waist. Then go back down and start on the other foot, working your way back up again. Next, brush from the top of your bottom in long upwards strokes along your back up to top of your shoulders. Never brush sensitive areas of skin such as your face or breasts.

Body brushing will stimulate blood flow and give you an energising DIY skin massage that may help with the appearance of your cellulite. It will also help loosen dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. It should help get you going every morning and give your skin a wonderful glow. Make sure to check in for Parts 3 and 4 in this Anti-Cellulite series where we’ll be making our own DIY Coffee Body Scrub and Chocolate Body Masque!


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