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Beauty Question from Lypsso User to Rebecca Goodyear

I suffer from bad allergic reactions on my lips. They become itchy flakey and have tiny spots all over that are not visible unless you look very carefully. Whenever I use any lipstick, lip gloss or even lip balms this happens. But I suffer from very chapped lips and always have to use something.

Rebecca Goodyear answers:

I’d be interested to know which products you have used and whether you have any food allergies. It’s perioral dermatitis and this could be caused by yeast, bacteria or perhaps a heavy metal or reactive ingredient in the beauty products you are using. For now, in order to clear the issue up I would use pure extra-virgin coconut oil as your lip balmas it’s an extremely effective moisturiser as well as being anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Steer well clear from your lipsticks and glosses as the ingredients in these may well exacerbate the problem. If your products are old then there may be bacteria present causing the rash.


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