How to stop nail biting

Finally I have found a solution to nail biting

I have bitten my nails ever since I can remember, and I hate it! Whether it is nerves, boredom or just out of habit, nail biting is a terrible habit and one that I have wanted to find a solution to for a long time.

Why do we bite our nails?

Stress and boredom are usually the main reasons for biting your nails. The habit is often a way to ease anxiety. Annoyingly it’s become such a habit with me that I don’t even notice I am doing it most of the time.

Biting our fingernails starts in childhood (most people grow out of it after the age of 18).

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What can happen if you keep biting your nails?

If like me you are a regular nail biter, it’s worth noting that it can cause severe damage to the nail and surrounding skin, hence why I wanted to find a solution!

There are other problems that can surface if you don’t stop biting your nails, such as:

– Fingernails and surrounding skin is left red and sore (which can lead to infection). Which not only hurts but also doesn’t look nice either!

– Damaged teeth: biting on your fingernails can leave your teeth poorly aligned and weakened

– Infections: Bacteria and viruses passed from your fingers to your face and mouth can make you vulnerable to infection

– Warts (that appear on your hands) are common in chronic nail biters. These warts can easily spread to your mouth and lips as you bite your nails.

– Permanent nail damage: biting your nails can lead to stunted growth and ridges in your nails.

My solutions to stop biting your nails

Once I looked further into why I was biting my nails, I started to look at what could be done to get rid of this bad habit. I am still trialing other solutions but I have put together my 5 solutions for quitting nail biting once and for all!

What? Why? How often? Did it work?
Choose one nail at a time It can be quite overwhelming to stop all together. So I decided to choose one nail to ‘protect’ at a time Choose 1 nail each week to protect 🙂 Yes. My nails grow really quickly so I was noticing a difference within the first week. One nail at a time is a great solution for seeing fast results.
Keep your hands busy Find a habit to take the place of your nail biting. I have my journal to hand as I’m usually biting my nails when I am deep in thought. So instead of biting, I will grab my pen and write notes As often as you need to, so that you are taking your mind off of biting your nails Not really. The more I kept thinking about not biting my nails, the more I wanted to do it!
A nail polish designed for nail biters Find a nail polish that contains Bitrex. Apply this nail varnish at least once a day (it keeps the taste stronger the more frequently it’s applied) Yes. It tastes absolutely foul and it did deter me from nail biting!
Keep your nails relatively short File your nails down often so that they remain neat and tidy Dependent on how quickly your nails grow will determine on how frequently they will need to be filed. No. This just didn’t work for me. No matter how short they are, I will still bite them!
Have a manicure If you have a manicure with a fresh coat of nail polish (in your favourite shade), you are less likely to ruin how lovely they look. Once a week to start with just so you are seeing results regularly. This will keep you motivated so you will not go back to nail biting! Yes 🙂 I think this has something to do with somebody paying careful attention to my nails. I would be self-conscious and embarrassed if they were bitten and red!

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My nail biting is still a work in progress but I have definitely seen results since trying out methods that aim to kick this habit!

Your nails will not stop biting themselves, so you must put the effort! I’m working on it!

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