The top commandments for looking good

This article is dedicated to male entrepreneurs and businessmen. We are tired of asking them about beauty or grooming and having the same answer “Oh! That’s not for me”.

Really? Our site statistics show that 50% of our sign ups are men, but what’s great, is that studies show that it really does matter, looks are important in business too.

By taking note of the following commandments, you will be looking and feeling good and confident in no time.

So next time you are in a client, sales or investment meeting or job interview, have these commandments to hand, as they really will be useful to you! Read more our tips to look good in business…

1. Shave

To present yourself in the best way possible you will look smart and fresh with a clean shave. To avoid razor bumps and irritation add a couple of drops of avocado oil to your aftershave.

2. Face

Use a facial wash and moisturiser that contain refreshing ingredients to wake you up. Lemon and peppermint ingredients will awaken your skin making you feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. No caffeine needed!

3. Dandruff and flaky scalp

Massage your scalp with Castor oil 20 minutes before you shampoo. Make this a regular practice to avoid dandruff and a flaky scalp.

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4. Body odour

Stress can trigger body odour… Fact! Applying your deodorant at night gives the product time to gradually work when you are not sweating. Other remedies include applying witch Hazel and Tea Tree oil to the affected area. They are natural antiseptics so will cause no harm to your skin.

5. Hands

When you shake hands you want your hands and nails to look good and clean. It makes a difference. Look out for highly nourishing hand creams and even better if they contain an SPF.

RECOMMENDED: Marigold & Neroli Hand Balm from GerlindeNaturals

6. Puffy eyes

Gently press an ice cube against your eyes for around 10 minutes. Then pat your eyes dry with a towel. If it gets too cold, use a cloth to avoid direct contact. Cucumber also works well to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. Leave on for around 15 minutes and remove. You will see an instant improvement!

7. Invest in a suit

This doesn’t have to be a Saville Row standard, but you should have a suit that you wear which makes you feel and look good. Call it your ‘investors suit’, which helps you to feel lucky when it comes to pitching at your next investment meeting.

8. Sleep!

Use a few drops of Lavender oil in your bath or by the side of your bed. The lavender smell will help you drift off into a natural sleep. It’s also great for de-stressing and anxiety so you will wake up feeling relaxed, ready for the day ahead.

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