10 Gorgeous braided hairstyles

Braids have been in fashion for the many decades and have crowned many fashion statements. Braids are one of the simplest and easiest ways of doing a hairdo. They easily stay for a longer time and this hairdo is quite safe in terms of hair management. That is why in the past recent years it has been a big favourite of many people and there are many different sorts of braided hairstyles.

Styling your hair is one big dilemma for every girl when she wants to get ready for a big celebration or any sort of casual day out. You just need to think about your hairstyle way before the time. The matter of creating a hairstyle comes when you don’t wish to keep your hair loose or open. It is just the requirement of the weather because in hot summers when you are going out, keeping your hair open can be a mess, as it might be very sweaty and get into knots easily. Styling and tying up your hair can be a very good option.

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The method or technique of making braids is just simple and a variety of braids can be done for different occasions. We have compiled a selection of 10 gorgeous braided hairstyles that will help you out to manage your hair in hot summer. It is one of the oldest hairstyles that will never go out of style and fashion. You can follow different interesting steps to for a beautiful braid. Let us see how you can manage that.

1. Simple braid

This is the simplest braid to create. You don’t need to be an expert in hairstyling if you wish to form a simple braid. All you have to do is thoroughly comb your hair and make sure they are tangle free. Section your hair in three sections from below and start overlapping each section one by one on each other. At the end secure it with an elastic band. Yes, it is that simple to make and you just got a gorgeous simple braid.

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2. Ponytail braid 

This can be one easy braid hack for summers. You just need to do little hardwork and show your expertise. This hairstyle looks beautiful for a casual day out or any big formal event coming up. The method is simple, gather all your hair at the back of your head and form a ponytail. Now section your hair out of the pony in three parts. Overlap them to form a braid and tie it up with an elastic band.

3. French braid

This braid is quite technical needs your some careful attention. It looks gorgeous once made properly. This style of braid is originated from France, as girls over there love to have this look. Take a thick strand of hair from the top of the crown and start doing a simple braid after 2 loops add little strands of hair fro the each side to the main braid and work till the end. Finally secure it with a nice colored elastic band.

4. Waterfall braid

This braid is way too technical but if you practice, you will certainly get the perfection. This braid is best for classic parties, proms and wedding. This style will just click in the event and you will look like a stunner. The trick is to start a braid from one side of the head adding small strands of hair when it reaches the other side of the head. You can also accessorize this braid with some fancy pins.

5. Fishtail braid

This braid is a combination of a simple yet technical braid. This beauty is easy to create and take a little time. You just need to get the idea once and you can easily master this hairstyle. The tip is to gather all the hair at the back of the head and section it in two parts. Take a small strand of hair from one side and overlap it on the other section of hair. Repeat the same for the other side. Keep on doing this until a fishtail is formed.

6. One-sided braid 

This is a very casual kind of a braid and looks cool on casual dresses in hot summer. You don’t need to be a perfectionist to create this look; it is just a piece of cake. So worry not take out and jeans wear it, accessorize yourself and go with this pretty hairdo. Gather all hair on one side of your head whether left or right; it’s up to your convenience. Form a simple braid on the side and that it, you just got an exciting pretty hairstyle.

7. Two-sided braid

This two-sided braid is best for your school and college look. Wearing this style in summer is very easy. The technicality is easy and the method to make is just simple. Section your hair in two sections and gather hair on each side. Form simple braids on each side of the head and secure it with an elastic band.

8. Braided bun

Why not trying a braided bun this season, it will certainly look outrageous and beautiful. The method is a bit complicated but once you have done this, you will certainly try it again. Form a ponytail on the crown area and then start making a braid out of it. Secure it with a band and then twist and turn this braid to form a bud. Later pin it up with some bobby or bun pins.

9. Side French braid

Side French braids are a beautiful way to present a hairstyle. It looks quite formal and goes well for parties, proms and wedding. You just need to follow a few simple steps to create this braid. The process is the same like a French braid the difference is French braid is created on the middle of the head and side French braid is formed on one side of the head. You just need to practice this style more for perfection.

10. Braided band look

This braided style is one of its kinds and looks very pretty on a formal evening. You can keep your hair open at the back or create a bun or ponytail. Take a thick strand of hair from one side of the head and start forming a simple braid. Once it is done tie it up on the other side of the head with a bobby pin. You can also accessorize this look with some fancy hair pins or clips.

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