4 Possible Lies That Your Dermatologist Tells You

It’s not uncommon for today’s major industries to communicate specific information to their consumers in order to increase their profits. From telling consumers that they need to invest more money in specific products to maintain their health to consuming medicines that they really do not need, there are many ways to encourage more people to pay more money into an industry at any given time. This same statement and claims can also be made about dermatologists, especially since they can attract more interest by those who are suffering from a wide diversity of difficult skin care problems. This said, here are 4 possible lies that your dermatologists tell you.

#1 – You need more Vitamin D supplements to counteract the effects of the sun

According to numerous related sites on skin care problems and the effects of the sun on the body, the American Academy of Dermatologists are currently issuing statements that can be perceived as misleading the public on the consumption of taking Vitamin D. Even though vitamin D is essential to maintaining healthy skin, taking additional unnatural supplements of Vitamin D is not the answer to these problems. In fact, the basis of this statement is only being used to push higher Vitamin D requirements for this supplement to the public as a whole. It is also noted that there is no data to support these new claims so people should be aware of the intent of these requirements before making any major changes to their skin care plans.

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#2 – Dark Skin Patients – Do not have to worry about the affects of UV rays

Another misleading statement that people should make sure that they are familiar with in advance is about the effects of UV rays on dark skin patients. Previously, the statements that were made suggested that dark skin patients did not have to wear skin protection products from the sun on their skin, especially since their skin was already conditioned to the sun. However, it is important to note that this statement is no longer seen as factual because the effects of the sun can also lead to cancer in dark skin patients as well.

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#3 – Recommendations for Skin care products are not based on higher profits

Though some skin care products are superior to others, this is not always true in every case. In fact, some of the less expensive skin care products on the market can also clear up the skin and various other skin care problems that the person is having. Therefore, it is important for patients to make sure that they are asking their dermatologists for the best alternatives before they begin a new acne treatment regimen.

#4 – Oxygen Facial is for Celebrities Only

Because oxygen facials are relatively new, most people are not familiar with what an oxygen facial offers. Though some dermatologists may suggest that these facials are being used for celebrities only, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, these new facials are being pioneered by an Australian company. This company is currently making their facials available to the general public as well as patients who have skin cancers. The overall result that this kind of a facial provides includes the following:

– Rejuvenates and diminishes the appearance of fine lines on the skin as it also removes and smoothes out wrinkles on the skin.

– Enhances overall hydration of the skin so it looks more vibrant.

– Assists with clearing up uneven skin tones by making the skin look much brighter and more luminous in its overall appearance.

– Protects the skin for future breakouts by restoring moisture balance and calming acne problems.

With this being said, oxygen facials are currently one of the best alternatives for facial hydrations today.

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