Out the door in 5 minutes

In a fast world of today, with having a lot of commitments with my family, kids and friends, and squeezing in an hour or two for my hobbies and gym, I had to learn how to prepare for going out of the house in almost five minutes. With makeup on, yes! Especially when I am in a rush (almost every day), heavy makeup is a no-no. So, here is my advice on how to achieve this almost impossible goal. Read more on my 5 minute makeup routine…

Dark Circles

First, I focus on my problematic areas and solve them first. I know this trick is something you will not believe until you try it, but it works for me every time. To solve the problem of the dark or greenish circles under my eyes, I use a matte red lipstick. Apply it with a soft brush all around my eyes and my eyelids, then cover it with a concealer, and continue with the rest of my makeup routine. Just make sure you remove your make up completely before going to bed, as lipsticks are not primarily meant to be used on the extra sensitive eye area where skin is extremely thin.

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Good Concealer

I always cover the area under my eyes, as its colour tends to differ from the rest of my face. Then I apply a concealer to solve the spots I sometimes fight. Then, depending on skin type, it is advisable to use a moisturiser, but not to exaggerate, especially if you will be out the entire day and will not have time to fix it. This trick makes my skin look flawless without burdening it with layers of heavy makeup. I also learned that moisturiser is crucial for this routine, I found mine in aspect skin care line and it is great for combining with multi-active pencil concealer

Accentuate the Eyes

There is one thing that always drives me crazy. You know those smudges you get on eye pencils? I don’t know about you, but they never worked for me, so I started using eye shadow in the same way as eyeliner to create a smudge effect (aka smokey eyes), just apply it after applying eyeliner. Sometimes, what you just need is to attract attention to just one part of your face. Make it eyes, lips, or cheeks, make sure to emphasize just one with colour, and use neutral tones on the rest.

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This for That

What always happens to me is a blunt eye kohl just when I need it to be extra sharp. Or, I just can’t find it when in a rush, as my makeup case contains hundreds of… Well, everything. So one trick I learned is to use my mascara as eyeliner. Just sweep the eyeliner brush on the mascara wand so as to transfer colour, and apply to the eyes, similar to applying gel eyeliner. And there it is, a perfect replacement!

These are small tricks I sometimes use even when I just stay in for the night. They make me feel pretty, and I feel a lot better when I look pretty to myself.

Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger and a devoted mother from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques at Highstylife. If you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death.

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