Home remedies for puffy eyes AFTER SUMMER NIGHTS

The dream of a summer night which does not turn into a nightmare in the morning…
It’s a warm summer’s night. Beach, beach bar, short dress, red lips, perfume… you look like a Hollywood diva. Too bad that when you wake up the next day and look in the mirror, you see swollen and irritated eyes, dark circles, bags etc. Sounds familiar? A bad night’s sleep, a party that has not allowed you to get enough sleep, crying or fluid retention due to poor eating habits, genetic predisposition… Whatever it is, learn what to do, so that your image winks at you without problems.

Like Cinderella, you need some magical touches to help you recover your lost spell but this time your fairy godmother will bring some home made remedies for puffy eyes that will not limit you until midnight. Enchant a thousand princes with your eyes!

Remedies for puffy eyes

Water, better if cold. Much more than ice, cold water can reduce swelling in the eyes, as it constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation. In the morning, apply cold water for a few minutes and gently massage the eyelids to promote circulation and decrease inflammation. Or simply dip your face in a container just taken out of the fridge, you’ll notice a miraculous and refreshing effect. If you don’t want to get too wet, use another method to reduce swelling: put two metal teaspoons previously tucked in the freezer over the eyes; they will help activate micro circulation.

Drink plenty of water. Water retention is a major cause for the appearance of bags. During sleep, our eyes remain static and facilitate the accumulation of fluid in the eyelids. Moreover, dehydration makes the body retain fluid, causing swelling. To counteract this, it is recommended to consume plenty of water, two liters per day, which helps the body to naturally remove fluids.

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Miraculous recipes. Salt-free diet. One of the main components favouring the retention of body liquids is salt. A salt-free diet can prevent eye puffiness as well as the appearance of bags. You must take care in the use of canned foods and meats, as they have a high content of salt.
Two ice cold cucumber slices make you feel like at a movie aesthetic center, and they count for something. They are good at deflating the area because they are astringent and constrict blood vessels. You can also do the same with potato slices or pads soaked in cold milk. They bring about very good effects.

Raw potato slices have decongestant effects as well and help eliminate dark circles and bags. A well beaten egg white, applied with a soft brush on the face and underneath the eyes makes the skin tight and less swollen as the protein coagulates. Add a few drops of witch hazel, which also reduces swelling, to prevent the egg white from drying out too quickly.

Tea rescue. Make some chamomile tea with hot water and let it cool. Apply with gauze on your eye lids and leave on for ten minutes. This will help relax the area, deflate the eyelids and ease your skin, giving a fresh look to the face. We recommend applying a moisturiser afterwards.

Use a couple of wet and cold tea bags as a compress, since tea caffeine controls blood vessels, reducing blood flow and therefore, the liquid in the area. Herbal teas are also very beneficial. Green tea is an effective remedy and an excellent anti-inflammatory, because, although it does not contain caffeine, it contains polyphenols, which act in an anti-irritating way when applied superficially, relieving redness and inflammation caused by allergies to cosmetics.

Hemorrhoid cream. It may sound odd but hemorrhoid cream is very useful for dark circles and bags and they are one of the most common remedies used by professionals. It has anti-inflammatory and venous decongestant properties which help blood to flow more efficiently and thus reduce swelling of the bags and even the purple of dark circles. You must apply just a small amount to the area of the bags of your eyes and in minutes you will notice a significant difference.

Rest and relaxation. It is important to sleep every night seven or eight hours as the main cause of swelling is lack of sleep, so you have the perfect excuse to be lazy, take care of yourself and rest. Beware getting up early!

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Arriving home at night after wearing all-day contact lenses or glasses has some effects – irritation and dryness are guaranteed. These home remedies for puffy eyes will be very useful but you should also clean your face and eyes with creams and adequate products before going to bed and remove all traces of makeup.

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