Easy beauty tips for Hair, Hands and Feet

Easy beauty tips for Hair, Hands and Feet

As every woman loves perfect beauty tips I am presenting my best beauty tips and secret tricks in this guide.  Whether you want to know how to have a bounce in your hair, how to create a perfect look or various beauty tips to get beautiful from head to toe.

Make your hair look gorgeous

As we know you want to try new hairstyles everyday that stops you from shampooing every day. But we have got a perfect solution for summer hair styles. You can have wavy hairstyle even with unwashed hair.

What you can do with sad and unwashed hairs in summer is the top knots. This is the great and easy go-to hairstyle when you don’t have time for other hair styles.

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Perfect Hair -DIY

You can have perfect hair by having a hair spa at home once a week.

– Apply oil to your hairs and massage it gently.

– Leave it for half an hour.

– Take steam to your hair for fifteen minutes.

– Shampoo your hair and apply conditioner.

– Let your hair dry and have gorgeous hairs.

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Make your hands look beautiful

Every woman wants youthful and soft hands and now they can have gorgeous hands …Learn what to do:

– Soak your hand in lukewarm water daily for fifteen minutes and let them dry.

– Apply moisturiser.

– Cover them with gloves when they are over exposed to water and chemicals as nails are very sensitive and porous part of our hands.

– Use double sided tape or give your nail a top coat of clear polish when apply nail paint.

– Massage cuticle oil into the nail beds to camouflage dry skin.

– Run a white pencil under the rims of your nails.

– Keep your nail short and not too square.

– Revitalise your  weary nails with Cleansing lemon and almond oil.

Learn How to Take Care of  your feet

– Pedicure Once a month.

– Apply Moisturiser Occasionally.

– Feet Yoga and Exercises.

– Chinese Foot Massage.

– Choose Footwear with Precision.

– Light Cotton Socks for Summer.

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