Top 10 tips on how to use an eyelash curler with mascara

Eyelash curlers have been around since the 1930’s and there is a reason why they are still around. Although it is admittedly medieval looking, the eyelash curler is a lifesaver. It makes your eyes pop making you look brighter and fresher.

In this article we reveal the TOP 10 tips on how to use an eyelash curler with mascara?

Can an eyelash curler damage your eyelashes?

The eyelash curler, like most products, have its supporters and neigh sayers. The general consensus though is that, if you do it properly, it will not damage your lashes at all. Although of course, like a lot of makeup products, it is advised that you give your lashes a few days break from the eyelash curler. Also it is best to go for a quality product, although expensive, these lessen any risk of damage on your eyelashes or even damage to your eyelids from your lids being pinched. Ouch!

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Tips to use your eyelash curler with mascara:

The best way to use an eyelash curler is to use it with your favorite mascara to ensure that your lashes not only curl, but also hold!

1. Go with metal

It is best to go for a metal eyelash curler as opposed to those that are plastic. Metal eyelash curlers tend to last longer and hold better and tighter curls. Plastic eyelash curlers on the other hand, tend to break easily mainly because of plastic being such a flimsy material compared to metal.

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2. Add some heat

If you really want your curls to last longer, try adding heat to your usual eyelash routine. You can do this by either dipping your eyelash curler in some hot water or to make it easier on you, or you can even just blow-dry your eyelash curler until it gets warm, then use them on your lashes. Just remember to be careful to avoid burning your eyelids.

3. Keep your bumpers clean

Notice that rubber pad on your eyelash curler? Well you should always remember to keep it clean. Imagine how much bacteria is crawling there from the countless times you have curled your eyelashes. Remember to sanitise it or better yet, change it every now and again to avoid getting infections in your eye area.

4. Apply only a little mascara before curling

Remember when we told you that eyelash curlers won’t do damage to your eyelashes as long as you use them properly? Well, this is where it comes in. It is important to add just a little bit of mascara to your eyelashes before you curl them. If you add too little your eyelashes probably won’t stay curled for too long but if you add too much mascara then you could potentially damage your eyelashes.

5. Avoid use on extensions

Avoid using eyelashes curlers on your eyelash extensions! Eyelash extensions are only artificially attached to your lashes, which means they are weaker and flimsier and probably won’t survive the constant curling.

6. Start at the base and move outward

Curl your eyelashes twice, once on the base and once in the middle. This is because if you only curl your eyelashes at the base it creates a very unnatural look. It makes them seem as if your eyelashes are stick straight. Curling your lashes twice makes it seem more natural.

7. Leave the bottoms alone

Well this tip really speaks for itself. How in the world do you curl your bottom lashes anyways?

8. Choosemascara wisely

If you want your lashes to stay curled for a longer period of time then it is best to invest in not only a great eyelash curler, but also an amazing mascara that compliments for eyelash curler. Pick one that encourages the curl in your lashes.

9. Comb lashes with a clean wand

Use a clean mascara wand to comb through any clumps. Clumps are a big no-no.

10. Don’t hold too long

As we said before, proper use (and not abuse) of your eyelash curler will avoid any sort of damage on your lashes. Holding your curler on for too long or too tight of a grip can damage your lashes.


Eyelash curling, although intimidating at first, is actually a great way to emphasize an amazing facial feature like your eyes.

As long as you use these tips and tricks then you’re on your way!


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