Top tips for getting festival ready: Hair

Whether you are spending three nights in a tent with no water or you are just avoiding hitting the icy showers, greasy hair is a given when it comes to festival season.

But hair maintenance doesn’t have to be a downer and if the idea of being separated from your straighteners for the weekend has you breaking out in a cold sweat, read this article for tips, which are quick and simple ideas for keeping your hair fresh and trendy this festival season.

Accessorise it

Hats and hairbands are your best friend when it comes to keeping your hair looking good at the festival.

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Tip: Work on the more is more approach (this is a must at any festival as you can get away with being over the top!)

But if an Indian headdress isn’t your thing, opt for a trilby, turban or headband is the way to go.

Dry shampoo is your hair’s best friend

It’s an obvious one, but no festival is complete without a bottle of dry shampoo in your rucksack. Gone are the days when you would get that horrible white powder residue in your roots.

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Tip: Not only is dry shampoo great for freshening up your hair, it can also be a great styling product for adding volume to your hair.

Start by spraying into your roots and either use a comb or brush through with your fingers to add volume for a super fresh hair look!

Brush your hair

Have you tried a boar bristle brush? This isn’t a standard hairbrush and is going to go hand in hand with your dry shampoo as your hair’s new best friend. Believe it or not, this bristle brush actually draws out grease when you use it to brush your hair.

Tip: Use the dry shampoo before brushing your hair, which will help to get out any knots whilst also brushing away grease! What isn’t to love?

Braid it

If there is one thing greasy hair is actually better than clean for, it’s rocking a festival hairstyle braid.

This summer is all about big braids and piles of volume, so be sure to use your dry shampoo at the roots and plait up ready for the weekend.

Tip: There’s no harm in keeping the style in all weekend either as the more you sleep on it, the messier and more on trend it will look with absolutely no effort on your part.

Add colour

If anything is going to draw people’s eyes away from your greasy roots, it’s a bright colour perking everything up. Dip dyes are a great way to distract people and if you don’t want to use a semi-permanent dye, opt for a spray in or brush in colours that you can brush through for a punky festival look.

Tip: The spray in and brush in colours wash straight out without any trace left in your hair. If you reapply it on day two of the festival and don’t wash until you get home, it will stay in for the whole weekend.

The problem is that you should avoid getting caught in the rain unless you would like an impromptu bit of tip dye on your clothes!

Shampoo your fringe

For those with big blunt fringes, festivals can be a bit of a nightmare. There is no bigger giveaway that you haven’t washed in the last few days than a fringe that’s greasy and separated into strands.

Tip: If you don’t want to clip it back, you can always just wash your fringe. Take a travel size bottle of shampoo, lather it up in your hands and apply and tiny bit to the roots of your fringe, then have a little rinse under the tap or use a bottle of water.

You will instantly feel fresher but will not have to bother queuing for the showers!

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