Get beach body ready

Technically it’s less than two months until summer. Are you thinking about your beach body yet? If not, then we are here to get you motivated and beach body ready.

What are the secrets to getting a bikini ready body? When is the right time to start your summer fitness regime? What exercises should you do? First things first, don’t panic and keep reading.

When should I start preparing for my bikini body?

This depends on several factors including your current physical and mental state, your goals and the amount of time you have available to prepare. The sooner you start, the better. But lets be realistic, we all lead busy lives, so if you find you have less time than you need, then set a lower goal for yourself to begin with. Aiming too high will start you off on an impossible goal and will just leave you deflated and disappointed.

If you only have 2 months until your summer holiday, you can get fitter, but you will not see a drastic change as opposed to if you started 6 months prior. Be sure to keep in mind that a ‘perfect body’ is the result of years of working out. In short, you have to put on the sweat, tears and hard work in order to reap the benefits.

Exercises to get fit for summer and tips

Aerobic exercises are essential to burn fat, but strength or resistance training is also very important to burn calories and get fit. Therefore a mix of these two types of exercises is perfect.

Women are typically more concerned about their legs, bottom and arms. Good aerobic exercises for the lower body include climbing stairs, running and cycling. As for strength exercises, you should focus on exercises that strengthen your arms and legs.

Here are some great stretching exercises pre-workout to help tone, stretch and strengthen your muscles ready for cardio.

For arms (great for getting rid of bingo wings!)

It’s called the French Press and here’s how you perform this exercise, safely and correctly:

• Grab some weights or barbells in both hands.

• Lie down; face up, on a soft but firm surface.

• You can either bend your legs on the bench or bend them so your feet touch the floor in front of you.

• Look straight up, so that your neck is relaxed and straight.

Now you’re in the correct position.

• Start by extending your arms straight above you, in line with your shoulders.

• Next bend your arms at both elbows and slowly lower your weights towards your forehead.

• Keep your wrists straight at all times.

• When your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle, press the weights back up by straightening your arms.

• Throughout the exercise make sure your elbows are straight. Pull them back in line if they veer outwards.

• This is one repetition of the French press exercise.

• You can exercise both arms at the same time, or alternate each arm.

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For legs (great for toning)

(Gastrocnemius) stretch:

• Place your hands against the wall

• Keep your back straight and push against the wall

• Take your leg back and keep your heel on the floor

• Maintain that position for a few seconds and go back to the starting position

Back thigh (Hamstrings) stretch:

• Place one leg forward and raise your tiptoes upward

• Keep you back straight

• Stick your bottom out by only moving your hip

• Try to sit down until you feel your muscles stretching

• Maintain that position for a few seconds and go back to the starting position

Front thigh (Quadriceps) stretch:

• Grab a leg

• Keep your back straight

• Bring your pelvis forward tucking your bottom under

• Maintain that position for a few seconds and go back to the starting position

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Exercise tips to make your bikini body workout as pain free as possible

Buy a decent pair of trainers

Preventing injury is better than cure. Recovering from a sports injury can be a tedious process, so try to avoid putting yourself in that position in the first place.

The right footwear is essential, whether you are road-running, dancing or playing tennis.

Don’t exercise in worn-out shoes. Your feet need to be supported and comfortable. The last thing anyone needs in his or her first week of an exercise regime is to have the motivation knocked out of them by blistered feet and aching shins.

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Think little and often

Let’s face it, we aren’t all gym bunnies who want to spend 5 hours a week training in a gym. A small commitment to exercise on a regular basis is better than no commitment at all. Research has proven that people are more likely to stick with their exercise programme if they do it for shorter period but more often.

Instead of pushing yourself for an hour once or twice a week, it is far better to make time for 30 minutes of cumulative exercise every day – even taken in 10 minute bursts can help to improve your overall health.

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