Goodbye to bingo wings! II – French press

Still worrying about bingo wings or our tricep muscles?

Fear not, we are going to tell you about more easy exercises to tone up these muscles, so we can say goodbye to your bingo wings. We are going to discuss one of the most easier ones here.

It’s called the French Press and here’s how you perform this exercise, safety and correctly:

– Grab some weights or barbells in both hands.

– Lie down, face up, on a soft but firm surface.

– You can either bend your legs on the bench or bend them so your feet touch the floor in front of you.

– Look straight up, so that your neck is relaxed and straight.

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Now you’re in the correct position.

– Start by extending your arms straight above you, in line with your shoulders.

– Next bend your arms at both elbows and slowly lower your weights towards your forehead.

– Keep your wrists straight at all times.

– When your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle, press the weights back up by straightening your arms.

– Throughout the exercise make sure your elbows are straight. Pull them back in line if they veer outwards.

– This is one repetition of the French press exercise.

– You can exercise both arms at the same time, or alternate each arm.

It is very important to use a weight that will allow you to do this exercise safely. If you’re just starting out on this exercise then use approximately 1kg to 2kg weights. It’s best to get the technique right, before increasing your weights.

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As you notice, this is a very easy exercise. You can do it at home and it’s a great way to eliminate those bingo wings!

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