Is my hair gel making me go bald?!


Everyone has a theory on what causes baldness…some of my friends were discussing one of them last week – hair gel. Can it really cause baldness? I decided to find out and I can safely say it’s another urban myth which simply isn’t true. Yes, certain types of colour, straightening or perm treatments can scar the scalp and damage your hair which may cause some hair loss, but everyday use of products such as hair gel won’t cause baldness.

Having said that, we shouldn’t forget that most hair gels include chemical ingredients and excessive use of any hair product can dry your hair and damage the individual strands. But hair gel, when applied correctly, will not affect our hair follicles, which help to hold our hair in place.

So how should hair gel be applied?

Hair gel should not be applied directly to the scalp. Instead, use a small amount and spread it over the ends of your hair. Avoid touching your scalp when applying your hair gel to ensure the gel doesn’t get in contact with your scalp. Blockage of hair follicles, which are just underneath out scalp, can cause hair loss or alopecia.

Another important part of hair care is making sure you remove your hair gel at the end of the day. Like makeup, we should ideally remove hair gel residue by washing our hair when we get home or before we go to bed. If you don’t have time, at least brushing your hair to remove any dried hair gel residue will help.

There are other alternatives to hair gel, including natural and organic hair styling products which don’t contain chemicals that dry out and damage our hair and scalp. By using natural products, you will not only reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals your body and hair are exposed to, but will also reduce harmful chemicals from the environment.

Also, natural products contain oils and natural butters which can help keep our scalp healthy. Worried that oils and butters will make your hair oily (we were initially before we tried them!)? Fear not, tests have shown, rather than making our hair oily or weighing it down, these natural ingredients can in fact prevent dryness or oily scalps and even fend off dreaded dandruff!

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