Myths about men’s hair

Hair loss urban myths. Do you believe in them?

Grey hair does not fall out. This is one of those phrases you’ll hear on the street, from a friend or even at the hairdressers. But is it true or an urban myth? We have collated the most famous urban myths about men’s hair and we’ll tell you how much truth there is in them.

• The more you cut your hair the faster and stronger it growsFALSE. It is the impression you can get but it is not true. The same happens with beards and facial hair. It is a common misconception because hair grows faster and stronger with age.

• If you always use the same shampoo it stops workingFALSE. If the condition of your hair changes, you may need to change your shampoo and adapt to that change, but the frequent use of a shampoo will not affect its effectiveness.

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• If you have grey hair you will never go baldFALSE. Gray hair is thick and coarse but that has nothing to do with hair loss. Hair loss will take its course regardless of its colour.

• If you pluck a grey hair, many more will growFALSE. There is no evidence to prove this correlation. On the contrary, you can damage the hair follicle and the hair will not grow back.

• Baldness comes from the mother’s side of the familyFALSE. Baldness is hereditary, but can come from either side of your family.

• If you wear a hat or helmet this will increase hair lossFALSE. Hair oxygenation takes place through the bloodstream and not by air. Still, if your helmet or hat is too tight, it can damage the hair and break it.

• Dandruff is caused by a dry scalpFALSE. Dandruff is caused by a fungus that has nothing to do with the dryness of the scalp.

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• Smoking increases the chance of having grey hair. It is a half-truth. On the one hand there is no study that shows a direct influence of smoking on the colour of your hair. On the other hand, studies have proved that grey hair is a direct result of ageing, and smoking accelerates this. So it seems that there is an indirect relationship between going grey and smoking.

• You lose hair every dayTRUE. Everyone loses hair on a daily basis. Those who suffer from alopecia grow thinner hair until the follicle closes completely and stops growing.

• Misuse of your hairdryer can make your hair fall outTRUE. Using a hairdryer at high temperatures can cause hair loss, although damage can be repaired.

• If you take steroids you can go baldTRUE. It has been scientifically proven that there is a direct correlation between steroid use and alopecia.

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