How do I know when I should throw away my grooming products?

When do I have to throw away my grooming products? Whether you are a product hoarder who keeps your lotions and potions for way too long (without using them!) or you don’t throw away your products when they are passed their sell by date, we are naming and shaming the top 5 sins!

1. Moisturisers and eye creams

Most skincare products (even those with natural ingredients) contain preservatives to keep them fresher for longer.

Like most things in life, skincare products don’t last forever. Once opened the clock starts ticking on moisturisers and eyes creams. This is due to the air, light and bacteria, which can break them down. Even left sealed, things like heat and humidity can cause products to degrade over time.

Common indicators to know when your moisturiser or eye cream needs to be thrown away

– The smell

– A change in colour to the cream

– The way it feels on your skin

Moisturisers should not be used for longer than 6 months to a year once opened. Check the label, as this is usually an indicator on expiry.

What happens if the product is used for too long?

Overly using your moisturiser or eye cream past its sell by date may loose its effectiveness for what you purchased the cream for in the first place.

Creams can also cause rashes and infections if used when past their sell by date.

2. Razor Blades

Your razor blade should slide smoothly across your skin. If it doesn’t leave you with a close shave, then chances are you need a new razor blade.

Common indicators to know when your razor blade needs to be thrown away or replaced

– Snags or pulls at your skin when shaving

– Blade is dull and not sharp anymore

– Traces of rust

What happens if my razor blade is used for too long?

Dull blades can causes nicks, cuts and razor burn. Disposable razor blades should be changed every 2-3 weeks to see the most effective results with your shave.

3. Toothbrush

One of the best tools you can use to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy is your toothbrush. But are you getting the most out of your toothbrush?

A worn out toothbrush cleans your teeth much less effectively than a new toothbrush, so you should make sure you replace your toothbrush regularly to increase its efficiency.

Common indicators to know when your toothbrush needs to be replaced

– Bristles become worn out and frayed

– If you have been unwell, it’s always best to throw out your old toothbrush and get a new one as they can harbor bacteria

– Bristles are coming apart from the toothbrush

Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months (dependent on its condition) for the most effective clean for your teeth.

What happens if my toothbrush is overly used?

– Becomes less effective at looking after your teeth

– Becomes hard to remove the plaque and calculus that accumulates on your teeth

– Harbors germs and bacteria which can make you ill

4. Hair gel

If you love hair styling products, then it’s only natural to have somewhat of a collection in your bathroom cupboard.

But how many of those products get used on a daily basis? And how long have they been sitting there before they are used?

Common indicators to know when your hair gel needs to be replaced

– Consistency and texture

– Change of smell

– Gooey top around the lid of the gel

– Doesn’t work as good on your hair as it used to

What happens if my hair gel is being used past its sell by date?

Styling products often run the risk of drying out sooner than say shampoo or conditioners. If they are stored in less-than-ideal conditions then its more than likely they will go off a lot quicker.

Hair gel for instance is a product you use to scoop out with your hands so it is at a much higher risk of contamination.
Not only will hair gel products become less effective at styling over time but they can run the risk of doing more damage than good (especially used near your hair line as this may damage your skin)

Check the ‘after open’ symbol on the product to see when is best to throw away your hair gel once opened.

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5. Aftershave

Smelling good = feeling good, but sometimes our favourite smells can be sat in the bathroom cupboard for a lot longer than they should.

Common indicators to know when your aftershave needs to be thrown away

– The smell

– The colour

What happens if my after-shave is used past its sell by date?

If kept out of the sun and stored in a cool place, your aftershave can last 1-2 years once opened.

Keeping hold of bottles of aftershave years after use can lead to skin irritation and it can dry out your skin.

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