How to get rid of spots – Chapter 1

How my fight to get rid of spots started…

I should probably start off by saying that I have never had terrible skin. My skin can be extremely sensitive and reactive at times, so finding the right products can be a challenge. I sometimes suffer with spots, which is probably what I hate the most!

However small the spot is, it makes me feel especially self-conscious and I have tried a number of different things to try and cover them up. Most things never work! Which always adds to the frustration.

My beauty routine

I started to become aware of skincare in my early teens and I remember my mum telling me the importance of washing your face and having a proper cleansing routine. I started off with a pot of Nivea cream (this has always been what my mum has used on her skin and she swears by it).

I don’t know about you but when I just start using a new product, I see immediate results with my skin as I did with the Nivea cream. I loved the texture and the smell and I noticed my skin had an instant glow to it so I was hooked from the beginning. Unfortunately after about 3 months of using this cream, it lost its appeal and my skin wasn’t as ‘glowing’ as it was when I had first tried it. So I was on my quest to find another cream that worked better.

I suppose this could have been when I first really started to pay attention to my skin and I was aware of any spot that appeared.

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My skin can be quite reactive at times and I have tried the cleansing, tone and moisturising routine but it just doesn’t work for me. I have naturally dry skin so I find a toner just dries my skin out completely (perhaps I have tried the wrong ones but it has put me off using them). I also don’t particularly like the texture of the toners either (I have tried a number of water based ones where you apply it with a cotton pad).

When I was suffering from a breakout I tried a number of exfoliators and facial scrubs but this turned out to be counterproductive. I started to suffer with spots underneath my skin on my forehead and I later discovered this was due to using too much exfoliator on my skin and it was making the problem worse.

It has taken me a long time to truly figure out my skin type and understand what is best to use on my skin. It is something you have to continuously reeducate yourself on as your skin changes all of the time dependent on climate, age, lifestyle, hormones, etc… so it is a constant battle.

Rule number one on my search for finding a solution on how to get rid of spots and getting glowing skin: keep it simple. It may be easier to slather on product after product hoping one of them will give you what you want but this unfortunately isn’t always the case.

Makeup vs spots

In my early teens, I also started to experiment with make up because my mum had introduced me to concealer, which I found was amazing for covering the odd spot!

I never understand if you have spots why you would cover them up under layers of foundation instead of finding a proper solution. You need to let your skin breathe and whenever I suffer from a breakout, I have learned that it’s best to leave your skin make up free.

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This is all personal from me so of course what works for me may not work for you. That is something I have learned along the way too, know your skin type. Your skin is very complex and if you are like me then you will know all too well the amount of information that is readily available. This can lead us to feeling completely overwhelmed so we can end up splurging on products that aren’t right for us.

With my series of posts I aim going to share my journey with you which is packed full of information on my quest for the perfect skin (or as close to perfect can get, without airbrushing!) I will also share with you my top tips for how to get rid of spots, the right way!

The posts will include the impact your lifestyle can have on your skin, as well as treatments, products, hormonal changes, the weather, DIY recipes, urban myths and searching for the ultimate skincare routine.

Please join me for the start of my journey to get rid of spots and  ‘get the glow’ …

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