Why is my hair so dry? Best ways to get rid of dry hair

The first step to getting rid of dry hair is first finding out the causes and then looking at the types of solutions available. We have gathered the best ways to get rid of dry hair, itchy scalp and dry and split ends.

Dry hair

Symptoms of dry hair

– Lacking smoothness and shine

– Frizzy

– Looks and feels dried out (basically dead)

– Unmanageable

– Thick and curly

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If the above are some of the symptoms that you are facing with your hair then you are probably suffering with dry hair. But don’t worry as treatment for dry hair can be quite simple. Replenishing your hair with moisturiser/conditioner is the key.

Causes of dry hair

Your hair can become dry if your scalp isn’t making enough oil to moisturise your hair or, if your hair is letting the moisture escape.

Moisture escaping from the scalp is usually the primary cause of dry hair. Also hair care products can contribute to dry hair. This can include washing your hair too often, using harsh shampoos and conditioners, blow-drying your hair daily, using electric curling tongs or straighteners.

Solutions for dry hair

– Brush your hair and apply some light oil or serum on your hair. Use hair oil before you apply your shampoo (30 minutes before). Blend together organic extra olive oil (50g), coconut oil (50g) or 25g each. Then get into the shower and thoroughly rinse before applying shampoo

– Use a hair masque once a week. This can be left in for 10-15 minutes then washed out. A hair masque locks in moisture, leaving your hair smoother and silkier.

– Wash your hair every other day so that you aren’t stripping away your hair’s natural oils

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Dry scalp

Symptoms of dry scalp

– Hair is flaking and dry

– Prone to dandruff

– Frizzy

– Itchy scalp

Causes of dry scalp

If you are suffering with a dry scalp then this means that your scalp isn’t making enough moisture. Your hair relies on oils made in the hair roots to keep your hair moisturised and looking healthy.

As you age, you hair will naturally make less oil. Since the roots are under your skin, dry scalp goes along the same lines as dry hair does (it is easy to get the two confused).

Dry scalp can peel and shed which leads to dandruff flakes on your scalp and shoulders.

Solutions for dry scalp

– Use tea tree oil. It has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties and makes for an amazing home remedy for a dry scalp. The natural oils offer excellent nourishment and moisturisation, which can combat itchiness, flakiness and dryness. With frequent sue, the oil can help prevent conditions related to dryness of the scalp (dilute before use).

– Coconut oil. This is a widely used home remedy to cure a dry scalp. The oil naturally restores moisture to the scalp and prevents dryness and flakiness.

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– Wash your hair every other day to lock in your hairs natural moisture to keep it from drying out.

– Keep away from shampoos and conditioners (even those aimed at dry scalp). These products can contain harmful ingredients, which can actually make your scalp worse.

Dry and Split Ends

Symptoms of dry and split ends

– Hair easily prone to breaking

– Dry

– Frizzy

– Lacking smoothness and shine

Causes of dry and split ends

You may be under the impression that the best way to get rid of split ends is to keep trimming them but that isn’t always the case, especially if you suffer with it quite frequently.

We have already uncovered the causes of dry hair but split ends can also occur for a number of different reasons. These include excessive combing, unprotected heating (when using blow-dryers, curling tongs and straighteners) and towel drying.

Solutions for dry and split ends

– Don’t buy into products that claim to ‘heal’ split ends. They can seal the split end to help it look healthier, but they aren’t reversing the damage.

– You should never comb your hair when it is wet. Wet hair stretches too easily. This unnatural stretching causes your hair to break at the ends. Only comb your hair gently when it’s dry.

– Use a hair oil such as coconut to condition your hair which will leave it stronger and healthier.

– Don’t wash and blow-dry your hair daily. Stick to every other day, which will leave it less likely to split, ends.

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