How to look after your cuticles the right way

Nailing your solution – Cuticles

Cuticles can sometimes be left forgotten about when we are giving ourselves a manicure.

Your cuticles are part of your skin so they are important to look after as they sit there like a barrier or protection for your nail.

We have put together a guide to help you look after your cuticles the right way!

Why should I take care of my cuticles?

Cuticle care might not be the most exciting part of a manicure, but it’s the thing that makes the difference between your manicure looking polished and professional… or a bit rough around the edges.

The positive thing about cuticles is that they reward a tiny amount of effort and attention to them! Just 2 minutes of attention a day can get unruly cuticles looking neat and tidy within a couple of weeks.

How to look after your cuticles. Our top 5 tips.

1. Do not cut

After a lot of search, we’ve come to the conclusion that most beauty professionals recommend not to remove your cuticles or to push them back fully.

Removing our cuticles fully, or if they are badly cut, we run the risk of removing the natural protection of our nail roots and  increasing the risk of infection.

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If we push them back, we will reduce some of the protection cuticles give to our nails. Uncared for cuticles are also prone to dryness and hangnails.

2. Moisturise

The one thing that will transform your cuticles is oil. Oil has a two-prolonged effects: it hydrates and nourishes the skin so it doesn’t look dry and flaky and it also stops the cuticle from sticking to your nail plate.

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This is really important when it comes to applying your nail polish, you can’t get a nice flawless coat of polish if there is skin stuck to your nail.

Spend a minute or two massaging the cuticle oil into your nail and the skin surrounding it, the massage will also stimulate nail growth, so it’s great if you have trouble getting your nails to grow longer.

3. Keep your hands out of your mouth

This takes us back to our previous post on ‘How to stop biting your nails!’

Your mouth is a dirty area and saliva is an enzyme that breaks down skin. You can become prone to infection if you start biting the cuticle.

So if you have a habit of biting your nails or nibbling your cuticles, work on kicking those habits for prettier, healthy hands. Read more on our previous post here.

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4. Steer clear of drying agents

Whether you are washing clothes or cutlery, you really need to be wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands.

The hands, nails and cuticles can dry out from frequent dish washing, cleaning and from nail polish remover containing acetone.

This can be a good time to add moisturiser or oil to your hands and then cover them with  gloves. Having the gloves on keeps the oil on the cuticle and nail plate, and it protects them from the drying effects of water.

5. Pref before you paint

Before you apply your nail polish, soak your nails in warm water to soften the cuticle and then use a cuticle scraper to gently scrape the nail and remove the thin layer of skin that sticks to the nail plate. If you are using a cuticle oil regularly, you will find that this will become less of a problem.

A metal scraper works best but a wooden stick can work too.

If your cuticles are particularly stubborn, use a cuticle remover gel. Apply a small amount to the base of your nail, wait a minute or two and then gently loosen the cuticle with your scraper.

Just remember that healthy cuticles make your nails look healthy!

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