Our top product picks to take care of your cuticles

There is no point getting a perfect manicure if you aren’t taking any notice of your cuticles.

We have put together our top best cuticle care products so your cuticles look healthy and in perfect condition to match your manicured nails!

1. Cuticle Nipper from Fushi – £30.59

Instead of cutting your cuticles with scissors (which you should never do!) a clipper that is designed specifically for cuticles is the way to go.

This Cuticle Nipper carefully trims and tidies cuticles. These durable stainless steel nippers also have an easy spring action for fine cutting and tidying of ragged cuticles and hangnails. Only use these clippers when you have an overgrowth as cutting them could open the door to infection or irritation.

2. Organic Coconut Oil from Fushi – £7.50

It’s important to nourish your nails and the surrounding areas to ensure that they stay moisturised. Using oil such as coconut oil is not only great because it’s natural but because it will highly moisturise your nails leaving them soft and smooth.

3. Aloe Vera Hand Cream from Naturally Nourished – £10.00

Naturally Nourished hand cream is a wonderful nourishing, soothing and healing hand cream thanks to the aloe vera extract. The rose water helps condition the skin, improving the appearance.

Enriched with shea butter, to help soften and moisturise, this silky hand cream sinks into the skin to leave it protected and beautifully soft. It’s great for your cuticles too!

4. Marigold & Neroli Hand Balm from Gerlinde Naturals – £7.40

This hand balm makes a wonderful medium soft balm for dry and challenged hands. Take notice of your cuticles as much as your hands by moisturising this balm into your skin to leave them smooth and hydrated.

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