Are you ready for sport this winter?

Just like in summer, we must consider a series of factors to practice sport in a safe and healthy way and winter deserves no less than that. This season can be very cold, wet, rainy and with extreme outdoor conditions that can also affect us when playing our favourite sport.

To beat the cold and harsh weather, it is advisable to consider the following winter sport tips:

– Warming up is a must and you need to spend longer on your warm ups than in other seasons, as the body takes longer to warm up.

– It is very important to wear winter sports gear to protect us from the cold, wind and rain. Also, try not to wear wet clothing for too long, since you can catch a cold or worse.

– Protect your face, especially your lipsnose and ears with some moisturiser, to avoid dryness and cracking.

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 Protect your hands and feet with gloves and suitable footwear.

– For your safety, check the weather forecast and the time of sunset, if you are venturing far and/or mountaineering. Understanding outdoor conditions before you set off is very important and you should adjust what you wear accordingly.

– Make sure that someone knows where you are and consider taking some localisation device. Spending the night in the open during winter and not being prepared for it, is not a good idea!

– Remember that although it might be not hot outside, hydration is just as important: bring ample water with you.

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And remember, even if with these winter sport tips the winter weather prevents you from partaking in your favourite sport, Lypsso offers you a series of exercises of varying difficulty that you can perform comfortably at home.

Don’t let the winter cold be an excuse for not getting fit!

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