Our top 3 abs workouts to get you back into shape

Are you still fighting the extra pounds you gained over Christmas? Don’t worry; you are not the only one!

Abs is a known worldwide workout (not that a lot of people are keen on them!). There is more to abs that just having a ‘six pack’ though. Abs are also very important to strengthen internal muscles and are vital for our daily back protection or if you are performing other exercises

We have put together 3 ab exercises so you can fight back the extra weight and get back into shape in no time. You may not be a fan, but your body will thank you!


Don’t rush whilst doing any of these workouts, you could hurt other muscles.

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Abs workout 1: Isometric Side Supports – for this workout make sure you:

– Lie on a padded surface (or any other type of surface) as shown in the pictures below.

– Keep your body straight: head, shoulders, back, hips and legs. If possible, it may help if you perform this exercise in front of a mirror.

– Lift your body up, lifting hips off the floor until your body is parallel with the floor.

– Hold this position for a count of 8 to 10 and change to the other side. Otherwise, your shoulder can be overburden.

– If you can’t hold this position, you may rest your knees on the floor or even use a diagonal surface to rest on.

– You may also cross your feet for more comfort and reduce the intensity of the exercise.

– We recommend you do 3 to 6 sets, 3 times a week. Make sure you rest at least 48 hours between sessions.

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Abs workout 2 – Plank or bridge is a very effective, safe and isometric abs workout for the core muscles.

– Lie down on a padded surface as shown in the picture below.

– Put your elbows and tiptoes to the floor and lift hips.

– It is very important to keep the body lined.

– Keep your forehead parallel to the floor and the back straight.

– Keep the position until you can’t get the correct posture.

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Abs workout 3 – Crunch

Crunch is probably the most known and practiced abdominal exercise. But from my experience, most people do it wrong.

– Lie on your back.

– Don’t block your feet.

– Lift your body up (until you lift your scapula). That is 30º-40º-shoulder elevation.

– Keep the cervical curvature lined with the back.

– Maintain this position (1 second).

– Go down slowly.

– Don’t push from your neck to do the exercise. You can put your hands on your chest to avoid it.

– Keep the lumbar area in contact with the floor – flexing your knees can help you

– You may also place your legs on a chair for more comfort. The aim is to avoid using other muscles when performing this abs workout.

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