How to get rid of spots – Chapter 6

How to get rid of spots starts with your diet

For the past few weeks I have been sharing my skincare journey with you on all things to do with getting rid of spots in exchange for glowing skin! I have talked about products and treatments and the urban myths that have us believing putting toothpaste on a pimple can actually work!

There is of course something that we need to take a closer look at if we do want glowing skin. Creams and facials can only go so far in helping us to achieve perfect skin. There is one thing that is missing and that of course is our diet.

My relationship with food to get rid of spots

If we are eating rubbish food full of sugar and saturated fat, we can’t expect our skin to be glowing and our eyes to be bright full of health can we?

As you know, I am pretty obsessed with my skin so it probably doesn’t come as any surprise to you that I am also pretty fussy when it comes to my food choices.

I have spent the past year in Egypt so whilst my relationship with food has probably grown better (due to just not having much choice on what to eat!) I am still always concerned about the food I am eating having an impact on my skin.

I tend to have times when I don’t eat enough, especially when I am stressed or I eat enough but not the right food. I am vigilant on making sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day, as I know this has an impact on my skin if I don’t drink enough.

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So do certain food types make us break out?

It’s common knowledge now that certain nutrients help specific body parts work better. Healthy bones require calcium and vitamin D, and our heart may do better when we eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

When it comes to our skin, there are some food groups that definitely have a negative impact:


We all know that excessive consumption of sugar is bad for our health for many reasons, but it can also have an effect on breakouts. Sugar alone does not have a major effect on acne, but a combination with other fats can increase spots and breakout inflammation.

So if you are already suffering with acne, it’s a good idea to minimise your sugar intake.

I definitely notice a difference on my skin when I cut down on sugar. I don’t have as may spots appearing and my complexion looks and feels better too.

Annoyingly I have a sweet tooth so usually by 4pm my energy levels are feeling a little low and I could do with a sugar ‘pick me up’. Recently I have battled my sugar demons and swapped sweets for licorice or chai tea. It sounds boring but these teas are so sweet it actually does the trick! (And they are good for you!)

Saturated fats (processed foods)

There is a lot of information out there now which tells us to stay away from processed foods, not just for our skin but also for our overall health.

Greasy foods (chips, pizza) or processed foods that don’t actually contain many nutrients will not be benefiting your skin at all. Fried foods aren’t just an issue for your fat intake, but they can cause oil build up in your body. They are also believed to possibly trap bacteria in your body and on your skin, causing you to break out more frequently.

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This fits in line with saturated fats, but I wanted to give salt its own heading because it really is terrible for your skin. It causes your tissues to swell, making you look puffy and unhealthy. This also has a negative effect on acne as it can aggravate it.

Always check labels before buying packaged foods and snacks (you would be surprised how much salt is in a pack of certain crisps!)


Now this one makes me sad, because I absolutely LOVE coffee! I am not so obsessed that I drink too much a day, but I would say I drink 3 cups maximum each day. This can however have a negative effect on our skin, leaving it dry (due to caffeine dehydrating us) and less likely to heal spots that we already have.

Cut down on your coffee intake (maximum 2 cups a day) and if like me you can’t live without it, have a glass of water with your coffee so you can rehydrate at the same time!

What should I change in my diet in order to get rid of spots?

Our body needs a well-balanced, healthy diet in order to stay strong and our skin reflects this when we are eating right. I would say I notice more of a difference if I stop eating salad, fish, etc or drinking enough water. My skin appears drier and my complexion isn’t as even and glowing as usual.

So avoiding spots is something we all want to do and I have spent a lot of time researching the foods we should be including in our diet, to minimise our risk of spots. These include:

– Wholemeal pasta

– Low-GI basmati rice and brown rice

– Grainy breads and flours

– Low-GI fruits like watermelon and apple

– Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (if you aren’t a fan of plain water, add lemon or drink coconut water)

– Fish such as mackerel, salmon, crayfish

– Tomatoes

– Chicken

I would suggest avoiding too much juice, as it increases sugar levels and insulin. Opt for fresh fruit instead.

So to conclude…  whilst I have discovered that certain food groups don’t actually cause acne, it can encourage those already suffering from acne for it become worse.

I would never want to cut out my sugary treats completely, but I have definitely learned that it is everything in moderation. I am now swapping the sweets for a healthy snack come 4pm! It make all the difference to how I feel!

Next week – How do hormones affect our skin?

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