The hair care diaries: Frizzy Hair

You love your wavy hair but there is just one problem that keeps getting in the way of those perfect curls: frizz.

Hair is complex. It is made up of three layers and thousands of cells. But the reason it gets frizzy is pretty simple. Your hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, looks kind of like a shingled roof (stay with us). When hair is smooth, those shingles lie flat. But when you run a brush through dry, curly hair, those shingles lift. Which means you are left with frizzy and perhaps out of control hair.

In this hair care diary, one of our team members shares her struggle with frizzy hair to see if there’s a solution for keeping it under control. Discover how to tame frizzy hair.

What are the causes of frizzy hair?

Another reason for frizzy hair is because curly hair tends to have more dehydration in the strands, which leaves it more vulnerable to frizzing.

Other reasons for frizzy hair (other than your hair type) include:

• You are not deep conditioning often enough, or with the right types of products for your hair

• You are not drinking enough water or eating a balanced diet (lots of fruit and vegetables)

• The shampoo you are using is drying out your hair

• Your oils and moisturisers of choice are not penetrating the hair shaft

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Facts about my hair

• Medium length

• Light chestnut brown colour

• Thin hair but with volume

• Naturally wavy/curly

• Easily frizzy and prone to dryness

I wash my hair almost everyday (I know this is bad!) or every other day. Each time I wash my hair I use a hair dryer to straighten it. If I leave it to dry naturally then it has a life of it’s own and tends to become curlier at the back and straighter at the front, so I use a hair dryer to tame it.

I then will use curlers or straighteners (but only for my ends, I never straighten all of my hair as I like it to have a natural wave to it)

How I take care of my hair

As I wash and use heat to curl or straighten my hair (nearly everyday), I try to provide it with as much treatments as I can.

• I always buy a shampoo that doesn’t contain paraben and is free from as many chemicals as possible

• I use argan oil 2-3 times per week to nourish my hair and to reduce the frizz. I apply 30 minutes before washing my hair

• I detangle my hair each time before washing it from the ends to the top with a tangle teezer brush, which really works! That way, I avoid damaging my hair

• I use a heat protector spray before drying my hair

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What I should try to get rid of unruly/frizzy hair

I feel that I give my hair a lot of attention and it can become high maintenance sometimes as well as frustrating when I am trying different solutions from frizzy hair with little success.

I am still looking for the perfect product that will allow me to avoid frizzy hair (especially on rainy days). Humidity is my worst enemy and living in London seems to make it 10 times worse.

If there is a lot of humidity outside, my hair will become frizzy within a matter of minutes. During my 20-minute walk to work I know that anything I do to preempt my hair from becoming frizzy will not work.

On a more positive note: since using argan oil, I have definitely seen a change in my hair’s texture and it has become less unruly and softer.

There are other frizz fighting oils out there that I would also recommend:

Coconut oil

Coconut reduces protein loss and it is a fatty acid with a low molecular weight which means it easily penetrates the hair shaft and can help keep hair hydrated, which in turn, helps prevent frizz.

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Olive oil

Olive oil contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant good for growth and moisture. It can help to tame frizz, as its molecular structure is small enough to penetrate hair strands. It also acts as an emollient to pull moisture into the hair shaft.

Avocado oil

Avocado is high in saturated fat, making its molecular structure small enough to get in the hair shaft and provide lots of moisture to hair strands.

What to avoid when treating frizzy hair

Do not shampoo your hair too often

This is something I need to aim to do! Sodium lauryl sulfate is a key ingredient in most traditional shampoos. Although it is an effective cleanser, it can leave your hair dry and frizzy. To keep your hair hydrated, try a 100% sulfate free shampoo and shampoo less often (3 times a week is enough).

Do not skip deep conditioning

Unless you have extremely fine hair, load up on a deep conditioner each time you shampoo to add moisture and shine. It will feel great too!

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Avoid towel drying your hair

Roughing up wet strands with a towel will only ruffle your hair’s cuticle, so gently press and squeeze out the water with a microfibre cloth instead.

Choose the right products

Anti-frizz serums are best for your hair whether it is straight or wavy. If you prefer something natural, try one of our recommended oils instead. One ingredient you should avoid? Alcohol. Styling products high in alcohol can suck up moisture, leaving strands crunchy.

Avoid touching your hair

Resist the urge to run your fingers through your hair. The more you fuss with your hair, the more frizz you will create. Try to leave it alone!

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