Top 10 myths about men’s hair

There are many hair myths out there targeted at men, which can lead you to believe them or at least end up totally confused! In this article we uncover some of those myths and the underlying truths behind them. Some of them may surprise you!

Top 10 myths about men’s hair

Myth #1. The more you cut your hair the faster and stronger it grows

FALSE. It is the impression you can get but it is not true. The same happens with beards and facial hair. It is a common misconception because hair grows faster and stronger with age.

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MYTH #2. If you always use the same shampoo it stops working

FALSE. If the condition of your hair changes, you may need to change your shampoo and adapt to that change, but the frequent use of a shampoo will not affect its effectiveness.

MYTH #3. If you have grey hair you will never go bald

FALSE. Gray hair is thick and coarse but that has nothing to do with hair loss. Hair loss will take its course regardless of its colour.

MYTH #4. If you pluck a grey hair, many more will grow

FALSE. There is no evidence to prove this correlation. On the contrary, you can damage the hair follicle and the hair will not grow back.

MYTH #5. I can train my hair to do something.

FALSE. Your hair’s growth patterns are determined by the hair follicle. No amount of blow-drying, combing, or styling can ‘train’ your hair to grow differently.

MYTH #6. If I wear tight hats, this causes hair loss.

FALSE. The hat would need to be to tight as to cut off circulation to the hair follicles for this to happen. So this is highly unlikely. But wearing a tight hat can however, cause hair breakage and damage.

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MYTH #7. Using hair gel will make me go bald

FALSE. This is completely untrue but we shouldn’t forget that most hair gels include chemical ingredients and excessive use of any hair product can dry your hair and damage the individual strands. But hair gel, when applied correctly, will not affect our hair follicles, which help to hold our hair in place.

Now for some truths…

MYTH #8. You lose hair every day

TRUE. Everyone loses hair on a daily basis. Those who suffer from alopecia grow thinner hair until the follicle closes completely and stops growing.

MYTH #9. Misuse of your hairdryer can make your hair fall out

TRUE. Using a hairdryer at high temperatures can cause hair loss, although damage can be repaired.

MYTH #10. If you take steroids you can go bald

TRUE. It has been scientifically proven that there is a direct correlation between steroid use and alopecia.

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