Top 10 tips for great skin when travelling

Whether you are jetting off for a 14-day getaway or off on a 6-month travel adventure, there is no question that travelling is stressful.

Trying to look good while you are travelling is pretty much on the top of the stress-o-meter. Different time zones, climate can play havoc with your body and skin. The good news: experts say beauty and travel aren’t mutually exclusive. You can look and feel good whilst travelling.

With just a few travel beauty survival tips you can face your next travel adventure with confidence. Discover our top 10 tips for great skin when travelling.

1. Moisturise

Apply intense moisturiser the night before you are going to fly. This will increase hydration in your skin before you are exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure. Hydrating masks can also work well too.

Organisng all of your things can be tricky when you have just touched down. Keep a pot of your favourite moisturiser in your hand luggage (no more than 100ml) so you can easily apply when you need to stop your skin from becoming dry.

2. Mist with a mineral water

To refresh makeup while travelling, never apply more foundation and blush (this can clog your pores leading to breakouts and dry patches). Instead use a mist of mineral water and add a dab of moisturiser. If you are going to wear makeup when you fly, opt for a hydrating tinted moisturiser or primer.

3. Blot out oily skin

To keep oily skin from getting out of control while travelling, bring blotting papers or rice papers and dab the ‘T’ zone as often as necessary. This will dab up the shine and excess oil without stripping out the moisture, so you will arrive looking fresh and glowing!

4. Chill out puffy eyes

To reduce under-eye puffiness after a long trip, put crushed ice in a washcloth and apply it underneath your eyes. This will give you an automatic wake-call that makes you look and feel immediately fresher.

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5. Apply a lip treatment as often as you need

You may find that your lips become dry and chapped when you are travelling. You can protect your lips by packing a medicated kip balm in your inflight hand luggage. This will not rub off if you are wearing lipstick and you will find that it will keep your lips hydrated while flying.

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6. Avoid wearing mascara

If you take a little nap on the flight and wake up to find makeup all over your face except your eyes, this can be a tricky thing to handle when you are inflight. Avoid mascara and eye shadows when travelling as they have a tendency to move around on your face as you snooze.

7. Take your cleanser with you

If you can only take one skincare item from home, let it be your cleanser. An abrupt change in cleansers can disrupt your skin’s avid balance and cause a travelling breakout.

8. Get your beauty sleep

If you are going to nap on the plane, dab some super-rich night cream around your eyes and use an eye mask. Both will help you look fresher and leave you feeling more relaxed when you wake up.

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9. Don’t leave your skincare products behind

Travelling abroad, especially for a long time can feel daunting and you may find you miss the little things that give you an instant ‘pick me up’ when you are at home. Not only will you feel instantly at home when using your favourite skincare products, but also it will save you a fortune as opposed to buying overseas where they can be more expensive than back home.

10. Exfoliate

Travelling to a different climate can leave your skin stressed, tired and prone to breakouts. To give your skin an instant boost and fresh glow, aim to exfoliate at least once a week to banish dead skin cells and oil build up.

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