Wonderful healing anti-aging oil – Moroccan Argan Oil

WIn this blog post Patricia Luzi – Natural Skincare Formulator/ Aromatherapist / Botanical Healer / Master Blender – tells us about the wonderful anti-aging properties of Argan oil.

Morocco is a country of much diversity from terrain to cultural influences to habits and history. A country of colours smells, intrigue, mystery, hammams, mountains, deserts, gorges, Roman ruins, mosques and the exotic anti-aging Argan oil. This is an oil that’s been used for many centuries, but that has only caught on as a popular anti-aging oil on the mass market in recent years. It is very often recommended as a natural treatment because it is incredibly effective on deep lines and wrinkles. Argan oil works surprisingly well when applied very sparingly under the eyes, acting as a natural skin softener that really targets the look of crow’s feet, dark circles and under eye bags.

Berber women would collect undigested Argan pits from the waste of goats who climb the (type of trees?) trees to eat their fruit. The pits were then ground and pressed to make the nutty oil used in cosmetics. However, today most harvest is directly from the tree without the help of the goats.

Argan oil is extracted out of raw seeds of Argan tree. Its seeds are preserved inside the hard nut of Argan fruit. (Doesn’t really make sense to me why). The organic chemical substances and their unique composition in Argan oil are excellent for the regeneration of skin.

Argan oil is renowned as the natural anti-aging cosmetic product. It is rich in freulic acids, eight essential fatty acids, carotenoids, anti- oxidants, sterols, saponins and polyphones. It also contains very high levels of vitamin E which is essential for the healthy youthful skin. It is this unique blend of natural, rare and essential components that makes Argan oil work wonders, maintaining skin’s radiance and turns back time! Argan oil nourishes and moisturises your skin.

– 80 % unsaturated essential fatty acids prevent and reduce inflammation fighting skin degeneration.

– Squalane fights against degeneration of skin (loss of softness and tightness).

– Sterols protect the essential protein Collagen, preventing the skin and joints from losing shape.

– Phenolic compounds protect the body against the chemical reactivity of free radicals.

– Very high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids softens the dry and cracked skin.

– Helps diminish scars, stretch marks, repairs damaged skin and maintains healthy skin.

– Nurtures skin, hair, nails and lips.

– Useful in removing wrinkles and crow’s feet.

– Argan oil is 100 % successful in the anti-aging process.

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The anti-aging properties of Argan oil are well documented with its unique blend of properties restoring the skin’s lipid layer and improving the skin’s youthful health and beauty. Free radicals are eradicated from the skin by the oil’s natural anti-oxidant properties which are essential in protecting against the rigours of today’s environment.

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The special qualities of Argan oil and the rapid decline of the Argan tree led to UNESCO designating an area between the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains as a reserve. This was combined with a push to extol the anti-aging virtues of the oil to the wider world and instill in the local population an inherent value of the tree. Let’s hope that time doesn’t steal away from us this wonderful healing anti-aging oil.

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