The perfect training session

Do you want to get in shape? Do you worry about being healthy? Are your days very busy and can’t find the time to go to the gym? Well, we have all the ingredients for your perfect training session.

The most common reason why people don’t exercise is a lack of time. We want to help you overcome that problem with a “quick and easy” exercise routine that you will be able to do anywhere and at any time.

Let’s start with the basics:

Aerobic exercises

According to a new study in the US, researchers have found that aerobic training is more effective than resistance training when it comes to weight and fat loss. Also, when you lose fat, it is likely you are losing visceral fat, which is known to be associated with cardiovascular and other health benefits.

As such, we definitely need to include aerobic exercises in our Perfect training session.

Resistance training

Resistance training is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force to strengthen your muscles. Incorporate strength exercises into our routine is very important as strength is needed on a daily basis – whether it is to pick up shopping bags, carry heavy loads at work, to move things around your house… In fact, many muscle problems arise from bad body postures or movements and normally the reason behind it is that we are not strong enough and we end up pulling our muscles.

There are many exercises to build your body strength and we have selected a few for our perfect training session: sit-ups, pushups, squats… The good thing about these exercises is that they can be easily done from home.


This session will combine aerobic and strength exercises. It will be an intense session, but we can ensure that you will have a great sense of achievement and satisfaction after finishing it.

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To optimise the training session’s intensity, time monitoring is going to be necessary especially to control resting periods. Short resting periods are key.

You will start the session with aerobic exercise and then move on to strength exercises as soon as your breathing is stable. You will do one strength exercise after the other, ensuring that each one focusses on different a muscle group. By doing so, you will only need to recover at a cardiovascular level (heart rate recovery). For instance, after a set of push ups you will do a set of squats… There will be resting periods and they will vary from 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on how you feel.
Our advice: the shorter the resting period, the more intense the exercise will be.

You must bear in mind that you will need to customise the number of exercise sets and intensity of each on according to your fitness level and how you are feeling on the day.

So… Let’s get started!

1. Warm up and stretching (10 minutes).

2. Aerobic exercises (30 minutes). Depending on where you are, you might like to go running, swimming, jogging up and down the stairs, cycling or a combination of all… whichever suits you. Your target heart rate should be 65-75% of your maximum heart beat.

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3. Strength exercises (30 minutes). Three sets of 15 repetitions is a good start. However, this may vary according to your fitness level.

4. Cool down (10 minutes).

This is a highly effective training session. It combines the effects of aerobic and anaerobic training and those of moderate and intense exercise.

As you see, you can have an effective exercise routine in just under 1 and a half hours. If you only have 1 hour; you can reduce the time of aerobic exercises and do half of the strength exercises. Even if you only get the chance to do one set of exercises, that’s certainly better than doing nothing and your body will thank you for it.

Invest 3 to 5 hours of your time every week on this exercise routine and maintain a healthy diet. You will soon notice the results of the perfect training session.

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