Your grooming guide to becoming superman: THE HAIR

Now that we have covered your face and body, you are halfway there! But our ultimate guide to becoming superman isn’t finished just yet and this week we are focusing on your hair.

Superman’s dark and gelled black hair has had some serious TLC and we are still debating whether that is his natural colour!

From washing to styling, our guide covers all you need to know to give your hair a super boost in the right direction!

Washing your hair

Do you grab the first shampoo you see on the bathroom shelf or maybe you just opt for shower gel? Stop right there!

1. Choose the right shampoo

Opt for a certified organic line if you can (as natural is always best). Look for products that are designed to treat your scalp and style your hair at the same time, this way it eliminates the need for separate steps.

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For example, if you suffer with dry hair, look for products that nourish and moisturise your hair and scalp at the same time, this way 1 product is the answer for all your hair care problems!

2. Use a conditioner

Take note, a conditioner really is a necessity because a healthy scalp means healthy hair.

3. It’s okay to wash your hair everyday

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair everyday will not make you go bald or encourage hair fall. As long as you are using the right product in your hair, you can shampoo and condition as often as you like.

Avoid shampoos that have harsh chemicals like:

– Ammonium lauryl sulfate,
– Sodium laureth sulfate,
– Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
– Sodium Chloride
– Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA)
– Polyethelyne Glycol
– Parabens
– Alcohol

Styling your hair

When it comes to styling your hair, not only should you be using the right products but you need to be styling your hair to suit your hair type too.

Using mousses and conditioners will provide fluff that is more natural, as opposed to gel, which can stiffen your hair giving it an unnatural appearance.

Knowing what works best for your hair type will ensure that you select the most appropriate ones and use them effectively. This goes for knowing your face type too, so that you can match your type/texture with what suits your face.

We take a look at hair types and what styles you should be opting for.

Normal/thick hair

This type of hair is full, thick and can have a bit of a wave. You can opt for many hairstyles, with a little effort put in of course!

Hairstyling options

– Opt for a slightly longer and layered on the top and front, and slightly shorter on the sides and back.

– Keep it short and layered all around. Spike it up and style with your hands for the popular ‘bed head’ look.

– If you are more into your hair being completely straight: cut your hair to a medium length, keeping it slighter shorter around the ears and the back of the head. Then, comb it back with a mousse and let it dry. Once dry, fluff out the hair and it will fall straight to the sides.

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You may not be a fan of the floppy look of straight hair, so instead you shave it all off. Don’t let your straight hair go to waste as many people regard this type of hair as ideal.

If you hair is straight and provides good coverage, grow it out a bit and play around with it. Embrace conditioners and mousses to give it some bounce and style.

Hairstyling options

– Keep your hair long (about 3.5” to 5.0”) and layered on the sides, back and top, but keep the bangs shorter.
– The bed head look is also great for straight hair as it give it a bit of an ‘oomph’ and style to otherwise completely poker straight hair


Not always so easy to manage but fun! A head of curly hair is full of bouncy curls and usually gives thick coverage.

Don’t make the mistake of overusing hair gels and heavy creams. Slathering on products such as this not only damages your hair, but it also gives it a shell-like, unnatural appearance.

Hairstyling options

– Cut your hair short all around and leave it unlayered (except around your ears). Use a small amount of mousse, comb it back and let it air dry.
– Or, instead of combing it back, you can try a slight part on the side.
– Keep curly hair under control by using a balm or mousse that is specifically for your curls. It will not only tame your hair but also keep it moisturised and healthy.

Choose the right haircut dependent on your face type

Triangular face type

Characteristics: wide cheekbones and forehead, pointed chin.

– Opt for longer hairstyles with plenty of layers to add width and volume on top

– Add a slight fringe that can help soften the silhouette and all round style of your hair

– Choose a style that will narrow your forehead area and add the illusion of width to the chin

Square face type

Characteristics: Square jawline, almost as wide as long, straight sides, jaw and cheekbones the same width.

– Keep the hair softer around the edges

– A tight, short haircut that enhances your facial features

– Do not style the hair in a center parting or with a heavy fringe

Diamond face type

Characteristics: cheekbones are the widest part of your face, forehead and jawline are narrow.

– Go with a leaner style, one that is more narrow at the cheeks, and add some fullness at the crown

– Opt for a haircut with a slicked side fringe and layers on top for extra volume

– Avoid going too sharp around the edges, as this will make your ears stick out

– Avoid wearing the hair too straight, as a more wavy look worn on the side will automatically soften your features

Heart face type

Characteristics: cheekbones are the widest part of the face, the face is wider that it is long.

– Keep hairstyles slightly longer

– Choose a square haircut that will balance the face shape

– Opt for a messy look that covers your forehead, as it will draw attention to your nose, mouth and eyes

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