Myths and truths about olive oil for your skin and body care

We all know that olive oil is a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. It has many beneficial properties for your health, but does it also imply that it has beauty properties?

We’ve found that in ancient history, Egyptians used olive oil to cleanse pores, cure wounds, as skin anti-aging or for shinier hair. Olive oil is an excellent emollient to protect your skin, fight skin dryness and it’s also great for body massages.

It is then no surprise to find that in this day and age, many brands include body and hair oils in their products. Oils contain essential fatty acids such as oleic acid which help restore our skin’s natural moisture levels. They also have a high concentration of vitamins, specially vitamin E, which helps to nourish, regenerate and soften your skin and hair.

But, can you make homemade recipes with olive oil for beauty purposes? When is olive oil a good beauty ally? Let’s demystify the uses of olive oil for your skin and body care!

Olive oil as a body exfoliator

Removing dead cells with olive oil? TRUE and it is very simple:

– soak sugar, thick salt or oat flakes in water

– mix it with olive oil

– massage it in circular motion all over your body during a few minutes

– rinse thoroughly with cold water

Olive oil as an anti-aging moisturising cream

Can olive oil protect your skin from external aggressions? TRUE

How? Make a homemade moisturising cream:

– one tea spoon of olive oil

– one tea spoon of honey

– mix them.

– apply on dry patches.

– leave it on for a few minutes and you will instantly see the results.

– apply it on damp skin after a shower for soft, bright, nourished and improved skin elasticity.

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You may also apply a couple of olive oil drops directly on your skin at night. Slowly tap it on your forehead, cheeks and chin to activate your blood flow and boost Vitamin E absorption.

Olive oil as makeup remover

Can olive oil remove your eye makeup? TRUE

Simply mix equal amounts of olive oil with aloe vera. Use the resulting mask as an eye makeup remover. You may also use the mask to remove the makeup leftovers on your face and neck.

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Olive oil as a shaving cream

Olive oil as a substitute of your shaving cream or foam? TRUE

Oh YES! We tried it and thought it was great!

Follow the same steps as when using your shaving cream or foam or just apply olive oil on dry skin. You will find that the razor slides very smoothly, leaving your skin hydrated and very soft.

So far, so good! We are loving olive oil! Next week, we will demystify olive oil uses for your hair care.

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