The no makeup challenge – week 1

No makeup challenge – week 1

Whilst some of you are contemplating your new years resolution, others may be quitting smoking, opting to live healthier, ban the junk food once and for all or giving up the booze for #dryjanuary (like one of our very own team members).

These are all quite cliché resolutions, and I have never been good at sticking to something for longer than a couple of weeks. I always think the more you keep thinking about wanting something, the harder the challenge.

Me… well I am doing something a little bit different. I have been given the challenge (not so much a new years resolution) to give up makeup for the whole month of January.

If you read my skincare diaries, you will know I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with anything related to skincare. Whether it is products, facials or just simply reading about it, I absolutely love skincare!

So when speaking to Lypsso’s CEO about New Year resolutions and the #nomakeupmonday campaign that has been a huge hit on social media, I was challenged to take part myself. Not just for Mondays though, for every day in

As you are reading this, I would have just completed my first week makeup free. I always say in my skincare diaries that I am not that obsessed with makeup. I literally have tinted moisturiser, concealer, bronzer and mascara and I am good to go. It is important to let your skin breathe so I try not to over do it.

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I want my skin to look as best it can without makeup, as I think makeup should enhance your features not completely cover your skin and be piled on with false eyelashes and foundation.

I am very good at removing makeup (I use my Clarisonic Mia every night which cleanses your skin 5 times deeper than any normal cleansing product). So wearing makeup has never harmed my skin. This is very important as I read an article and watched a video a while ago that discovered the harms of not taking off your makeup.

This information is enough to put anyone off wearing makeup! But I wonder if there is a reverse effect to not wearing any makeup at all?

So how do I feel about #nomakeup so far?

I am doing okay at the moment as it’s early days but I do miss my makeup products, even though I use very few.

At this time of year I like to look tanned and healthy which isn’t achievable without my tinted moisturiser or a touch of bronzer. There have been moments where people have said ‘oh you look tired’ or ‘you look a little washed out’ but I haven’t really taken these comments personally, it has made me want to reach for my concealer though. It is probably good that I have been leaving my makeup bag at home so that I can fight the urge! The only content of my makeup bag that remains in my handbag is a compact mirror!

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What results am I expecting from #nomakeup January?

I am hoping that the results at the end of the month will be interesting. My tinted moisturiser is specifically aimed at ‘anti pollution’ so not being protected with this during my travels to London is a little worrying.

Will it really make a difference to my skin by not wearing the tinted moisturiser? Who knows! I will find out!

I will be keeping you updated on my progress throughout the month, with daily
pictures and weekly posts so make sure you stay tuned!

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