Parabens in our beauty products. Are they good or bad?

I was at a Natural and Organic trade show a few weeks ago. While there, I attended a few seminars and I realised that the Parabens controversy is still a hot topic!

What are Parabens?

They are chemicals that you can find in beauty products and in everyday household products. They are widely used in the beauty and pharmaceutical industry (you can find them in shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, etc.). They are also used as food preservatives.

Controversy over Parabens began a few decades ago, but it wasn’t until 2004 that a small study found traces of Parabens in breast cancer tumors.

Don’t panic! The American Cancer Society claims that:

– The study found Paraben traces in breast cancer tumors, but it doesn’t explain if they contributed to the tumor’s initial development.

– The study did not show that parabens in beauty products like antiperspirants, caused or contributed to breast cancer development.

Furthermore, Dr. Luis Conde-Salazar states that a Paraben free product is not necessarily a safe product. It may contain other ingredients that could be potentially unsafe.

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According to the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Products more studies need to be carried out to determine the effects of certain types of Parabens.

So, should we buy products with parabens?

Well, truth is that it’s up to you. We know that smoking can cause cancer, alcohol is bad for your health, certain types of fat cause cholesterol… but, does this stop us from using them?

Good news is that these days, we have the option to choose from many different types of beauty products. We just need to be aware of the side effects of their ingredients. It is also very important to bear in mind that side effects are normally the result of a continuous use of the product. So again, don’t panic! Just know what you buy.

Lypsso encourages responsible consumption of any type of product. We think that knowing what we buy is very important. If you feel that a beauty product is not doing you good or is causing some type of allergy or injury, stop using it immediately.

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