Beach body ready. What happens when you don’t drink enough water?

Water is one of the most vital substances for our body (around 70% of the body is comprised of water). A significant amount of us are failing to drink the recommended 8 glasses (1.5 litres) a day. You may take drinking water for granted, but keeping hydrated can have a huge impact on your overall health.

Now that summer and warmer weather is just around the corner, it’s more important than ever that you drink enough to keep your body hydrated and functioning properly. We lose more water from our bodies in the summer due to the head and sweating, so we need to be drinking more to make up for that loss. Read more on why is it good to drink water…

Top benefits of drinking the recommended daily amount of water

Water is needed by all the cells and organs in your body in order for them to function properly. It is also used to lubricate joints, protect the spinal cord and other sensitive issues. For example, to regulate your body temperature and assist the passage of food through the intestines.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are the top benefits of drinking the recommended daily amount of water…

Makes your skin glow

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Regular water consumption can improve the colour and texture of your skin by keeping it building new skin cells properly.

Water hydrates the skin, fills in the fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a nice and bright skin tone. Drinking water also helps the skin to do its job of regulating the body’s temperature through sweating.

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Prevents headaches

Headaches can sometimes be brought on through dehydration, so drinking water can prevent that nasty head pain. Next time you feel a headache coming on, try drinking more water.

Flushes out toxins and bacteria

Your digestive system needs water to function properly. Waste is flushed out in the form of urine and sweat. If you aren’t drinking enough water, those toxins and waste will collect in your body, causing a myriad of problems.

Can help you lose weight

Sometimes you may think that you are feeling hungry, but in fact you are thirsty. People who drink 2 glasses of water before meals eat 75-90 calories less than those that skip drinking water.

Helps you to perform better

Proper hydration contributes to increased athletic performance. Water composes 75% of our muscle tissue. Dehydration can lead to weakness, fatigue and dizziness.

When is the best time to drink water?

When you first wake up

Drink a glass of water right after you wake up in the morning to tell your body that it’s time to get moving. Warm water with lemon is also a great drink to help you feel energised and improve your digestive system when eating your breakfast.

Before each meal

Drinking water before a meal can help you to feel fuller so you will only eat what your body needs.

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Before and after a workout

Depending on the temperature, humidity, and your body’s fluid levels, you may need one or several glasses of water, each about 8 ounces, to arm yourself against dehydration during an indoor or outdoor workout.

Following your exercise session, drink up to replace fluids lost by sweating (but do not drink too much too quickly as your body will not reap the best benefits).

When you are feeling tired

Water can reach your brain and activate it right before a meeting or other situations where you need to pay close attention. Cold water, especially, will wake up your body to keep you alert.

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